Job Title:(Germany) District Sales manager

Salary Range:discuss personally; base salary+commission+bonus


Job Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for expanding and establishing Germany sales channels for company brand and OEM service, maintaining customer relations and achieving sales tasks, continuously working on expanding company’s market share;

2.Do deep research on Germany market sports and medical braces and equipment, reach out to target clients and establish corporation, improve company’s competitive advantages and market influence;

3. At regular intervals, give product training, new products introduction to dealers and clients and collect feedback, have good sales info analysis and client relationship management, continuously increase clients' order amount;

4.Actively pay attention to industry trends (area of sports and medical braces/equipment) in US, submit information of industry trends, hot/new trends in sports and health to company, help collect creative ideas and products for product development team;

5.Coordinate with company' s propaganda promotion like exhibition planning and event promotion, etc.;

6.Complete other tasks arranged by superior leaders;


1.Bachelor degree or above;

2.Fluent in English and German; 

3.Major in Marketing, International Business or related;

4.5 year sales experience in sports or medical area;

5.Good communication skills, analyzing skills, organizing and managing skills and team spirit;

6.Branding or supermarket marketing/sales management experience preferred;